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Melissa Tremlett

I would highly recommend Woodlands Childcare Centre. Our son has been attending the centre for over a year and loves it. The staff are friendly, caring, professional and create a sense of community. The centre has an amazing outdoor play area, is clean and tidy and has a renovated bathroom with colourful little toilets. We love seeing photos and reading about activities the children did each day on the app.

Carli Embling

Woodlands Childcare is more like dropping the kids off to a family member, than dropping them off at a daycare facility. The entire team are so lovely & attentive with the children. Prior to having my child here we were at a much larger chain where they never followed any of our routine/requests, and due to having a lot more children in each room, there seemed to always be illness. I cannot recommend this facility enough.

Ange Dudney

Absolutely love Woodlands Child Care. My Son has been going there for 9 months and loves it. The level of care is far superior to our previous larger daycare. Because the centre is smaller i feel that the care is much better and all the carers know you and your family. My son does not want to go home when i pick him up!

Katrina Qiu

Our daughters enjoyed going there for many years. This family owned centre is home away from home. The educators are over 20 years experience working with children and caring them like their own child. I love receiving the photos everyday to see a variety of learning experiences and passionate staff within the centre.

Elisa Pranza

Both my girls are growing up there, we moved three times since my first child was born but we always looked for properties around the daycare because my daughters love to go there and we feel that they are safe, protected, well educated and it is not painful the drop off moment even if sometimes is hard to pick them up because they want to stay playing there longer. It is clean and tidy and a lot of renovations had been done since three years ago. The staff is amazing and they are happy to help us even a part the opening hours. Highly recommended.

Raj chhabra

My daughter goes there twice a week. She feels herself connected to all lovely and friendly staff. She enjoys all the activities and fun time there. Thanks team for your great work!!

racy JIN
this family owned child care is fantastic, the owner is very nice lady, all the educator & staff are very friendly. my little girl quite enjoy the child care life so far, they create different programs for the kids, so the kids not just fun during the day and learned a lot. highly recommend to other family & kids

Jai Lovell

Can definitely recommend Woodlands Child Care Centre – my daughter has been attending for 2 years and just loves it! Clean, modern facilities and all the staff are just so lovely. Family owned (not one of the big franchises) and smaller numbers of children means more personal interaction. 🙂

Jacinta Zupanov

We love this family run childcare 😍.We have been coming here since 2013 and both our children LOVE it.We get awesome photos through out the day from there app called Kinderloop.

They also always help us out if we need extra days here and there 😃

Jo Boschetti

My daughter has been going there just over a year and absolutely loves it! It’s like one big family and we feel very confident with the great team of educators that work there. Not only has our daughter learnt so many wonderful skills there, she has loads of fun! Highly recommend.

karen reid

Woodlands Child Care & Learning Centre is a beautiful centre to work at with amazing Educators that go above and beyond for our families and children .With our fully trained Educators we also provide beautiful Programmes that support the children’s interest and family input as we work together for the best outcome for the children. Our environment is safe and clean and provides lots areas of learning and fun . Management is so supportive and really look after their staff , families, children and premises. Come and have a look at our Centre we would love to meet you.Babies Room Leader.

Highly recommended.

Roxanne Nuich

Love this family run child care centre. The staff are fantastic, centre is clean and the facilities are amazing. Love how they are now up with the technology and I receive pictures daily. Highly recommend this family friendly centre.

Brooke Gibbons

My daughter absolutely loves goin to woodlands daycare! The staff are always friendly and caring. The kids learn something new everyday and get to learn all about new cultures, traditions and music! I love seeing what fun they have got up to everyday!

Cebil Eapen

Both my kids went to Woodlands Child Care Centre for many years, and I would highly recommend this centre to anyone. Carers were all great, and so was Jade. Kids enjoyed their time there, loved the food and activities, and really made a lot of friends.

ting pan

This is one of our favorite childcare Centre! My older son was in another childcare Centre before this one and he wasn’t settling well, he was there for two weeks and still crying every morning. So I moved to this centre because it was so close to my house! To my suprise this little homely like childcare Centre was so good! It was really clean and the educaters-They were just so amazing, my son basically settled in the Centre within a week and loved every day he was there! Now my younger son is in this childcare as well, after 3 years they still have the same educators! My younger son doesn’t want to come home everyday.

Glynn Hogg

Been using Woodlands daycare for over 5 years now, both our kids have attended, very flexible with days which suits us,always found to be very professional, and the kids love the staff to bits.

Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a safe,happy,educational and fun environment for their little ones.

Rebecca Chybik

I highly recommend Woodlands Childcare and learning centre, The staff are fantastic and it’s such a clean, comfortable and safe environment.

Rachel Dowdy

Or son has been here for years. The team are amazing